Faith Alive Church
Monday, November 12, 2018
An Alive Church for An Alive Faith

Our Strategy

In order to accomplish our goal of developing fully devoted followers of Christ who positively impact the world in which they live 7 days a week, we seek to intentionally move each regular attendee of Faith Alive toward four basic commitments which we think are essential to spiritual growth.
  • Weekly attendance at corporate worship that brings biblical teaching to people of all ages and affords the opportunity for God-honoring praise.
  • Participation in the small group that provides the opportunity for growth producing accountability and relational intimacy.
  • Involvement in service to others based on one's spiritual gifts which develops the kind of Christ centered  lifestyle which equips us to follow Jesus in daily discipleship.
  • Consistent stewardship of financial resources which Jesus Himself made a priority for those who were serious about following Him.