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Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Micah's List

Complete Shopping List
PEANUT/NUT FREE POLICY - at schools' request:
Check ingredients list for peanuts, peanut oil, or any nuts; and statements such as "made in facility that handles peanuts/nuts".
ITEM                                                         DESCRIPTION
Cereal                                                 Individual boxes/cups
Juice                                                   Individual boxes/pouches
Mac n Cheese                                      Kraft Easy Mac pouches, not cups
Chicken Kits
Ham Kits
Saltines or Ritz Crackers                      8 sleeves per box
Any pasta with sauce                           7.5 oz can or microwave cup
Ramen Noodles                                   packs or cups
     Maruchan brand acceptable/Nissan band unacceptable
"Compleats" Meals"                         
Vegetables                                         corn, green beans, carrots, peas - microwave cups
Applesauce                                        Individual cups - non-refrigerated
Fruit Cups                                          Individual cups - non-refrigerated
Pudding                                             Individual cups - non-refrigerated
Gelatin                                              Individual cups - non-refrigerated
Microwave Popcorn              
Cereal Bars
Fruit Snacks      
Check Micah's Display Cart in the Lobby for:
Currently Needed List - Complete Shopping List - Donation Envelopes
Check weekly bulletin for currently needed list
Check monthly newsletter  for Complete Shopping List
Drop off your food donations at our cart
Place donation envelopes in the offering plate
We'll use monetary donations to purchase additional food items