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Friday, May 29, 2020
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The Helping Hands Ministry 

This ministry serves meals to our members and constituents who have had serious surgery and cannot help themselves at home or who are seriously ill and cannot care for themselves. If you would like to help make a meal and/or bake for the Helping Hands Ministry please contact Lilly McFarland at 610-462-0364.
Please let the church office know if anyone is hospitalized or homebound. 

Care Notes for Kids

Parents & Grandparents, we have CareNotes resource booklets for your children. If you are interested in giving them to your children or grandchildren, please call the church’s office or contact Lilly McFarland. They are free.
Titles for Kids CareNotes resources are:
  • Mad Isn’t Bad – A child’s booklet about anger
  • Sad Isn’t Bad – When someone you love dies
  • Happy to Be Me! – A kid’s booklet about self-esteem
  • Respect – Dare to care, share, and be fair
  • When Your Grandparent Dies – A child’s guide to good grief
  • Standing Up To Peer Pressure – A guide to being true to you
  • Bye-Bye, Bully! – A kid’s guide for dealing with bullies
  • Keeping School Cool! – A kid’s guide to handling school problems
  • When Bad Things Happen – A coping guide for kids
  • When You’re Sick or in the Hospital – Healing help for kids
  • God Is My Friend – A kid’s guide to God
  • Right and Wrong and Being Strong
  • Getting Out of a Stress Mess
  • When Mom and Dad Divorce
  • Help Is Here for Facing Fear!
We also have CareNotes for teenagers. 
Just a reminder, we do have CareNotes for adults. Look at the CareNotes and if you or someone you know would benefit from the CareNotes, feel free to take them. The CareNotes are on the bulletin board in the Narthex.