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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Care Team

 Back in April of 2005, Faith Alive formed a care team to meet the spiritual needs of the congregation. That group began as a prayer group and has now expanded to card writing, visitation, and The Helping Hands Ministry.   
   Card Writing
 This team follows through on the weekly prayer requests that have been submitted and sends words of encouragement to those experiencing difficulties.  They have a heart for those needing a touch of God's love and make a point to write them.   
 *     Visitation Team
  The primary role of the visitation team is to meet the need through a personal visit to the hospital, nursing home or rehab center.  An in-home follow-up visit would occur only after a phone contact has been made and would be scheduled at the family's convenience. While the visitation team is not meant to take the place of a visit from our Pastor, its heartfelt desire is to extend the love of Christ to the congregation.   
   Helping Hands Ministry
 This team serves meals to our members and constituents who have had serious surgery, a serious illness, or cannot help themselves at home. A fruit basket is also given to a member or constituent who has had an overnight stay in the hospital.
    YOU are also an important part of caring for others!  With the many changes in privacy, hospitals no longer call churches or Clergy with patient information.  If a family member or friend is hospitalized, scheduled for a short procedure or just going through life's difficulties, the Care Team wants to help.  Please call the church office at 610-852-2805 or write your request on a prayer request slip at the front desk. 
We care!
Homebound/nursing home ministry is another ministry you could be involved in. We visit on the first and the third Wednesday of the month. Times vary because we go when it is the best time for them to receive visitors. Contact Lilly at 610-377-1097.
TLC (Shepherd program) is still working on this ministry. We are putting out an appeal for you to be a part of this ministry. For those of you who have already signed up, the program is not dead but we are still ironing out guidelines. It is a ministry in progress. After we set up guidelines, we will have a meeting with everyone who would like to be part of this ministry. If you are not sure if you want to be a part of TLC Ministry, you are welcome to come to the meeting and see if it is a ministry that you would like to be part of. Contact Lilly @ 610-377-1097 if interested or need more information.
New CARENOTES are available in the CARENOTE rack in the narthex. Please feel free to take them and also share them with someone who could use encouragement.
The Care Ministry is well pleased with the out reach of “Our Daily Bread” devotional. If you have not picked your copy up, do so, they are free. The Care Ministry pays for them.
The Card ministry is sending out 5-12 cards a week for those who are in hospitals, recuperating at home, or in the need of encouragement. If you would like to be a part of this ministry contact Linda Swartz @ 610-826-2014.
As you can see; there are many opportunities for ministry. Pray and see if God would like you to be a part of these ministries and then take action and call.
If you discover that you have a heart for such a ministry—Join the Team!
For Care Team & Homebound information contact Lilly McFarland @ 610-377-1097
They will be glad to answer your questions,
offer training & to help you get started!